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Annie Abraham is a Mompreneur Mentor, Author, Certified Trainer, and the founder and CEO of Annie, a brand that helps mothers shape their future with unshakable confidence, and help rekindle once dead dreams, using Success Principles.

Annie Abraham, a supportive mother of two, and a loving wife, is mentoring mothers worldwide to become role models, build legacies, and transcend from their average mindset to become an extraordinary confident woman.

To fill you in on her story...

Annie's journey to help mothers began in 2010. As she had once walked the steep slope of defeat and low confidence, she wanted to make the slope into stairs, and make the journey of finding their destiny easier for them than it was for her.

She could have lived as a normal mother doing the same thing everyday, without a goal in her life. But something inside of her sparked, a spark she couldn't ignore, a desire to do something, and to be someone. She decided to change, starting a new chapter in her life, a path that would be hers for the choosing. She found coaches, and started her journey of change.

The woman Annie is today, shows that coaching can lead anyone to the destination of their choosing.

If You Had A Coach, Where Would Your Desired Destination Be?

As Kevin remarks, “A ‘coach’ remains something, or someone, who carries a valued person from where they are to where they want to be.” So if you had a coach, you know you would end up at your desired destination...."

"If the person who offers to mentor you, doesn’t really support you and offer you friendship, then the relationship will always fall short of your expectations. Knowledge without support is sterile. Advice without friendship feels cold. Candor (a person who is honest) without care is harsh." -John C. Maxwell

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