Annie Abraham


Annie has always been passionate about helping others – ranging from pro bono volunteer work to just being a shoulder to cry on, to discovering her potential as a full fledged life coach.

Here are some bright lights, that now shine brighter, thanks to a little magic from Annie.

My experience with Coach Annie has been very powerful. The tools she uses equips you with the confidence you need to deal with the challenges that life throws at you. I am grateful to Annie for guiding me through some decisions in life. Her guidance and support gave me the confidence to take a leap. All the best Annie in your journey to create a transformation in many peoples lives.

When I first interacted with Annie, I told her that her aura is very positive and I can still feel it today. The way she has her routines set, and her body language says a lot about her. She has an attitude of always giving. Anyone who will learn in Annie’s space will become a rock star, because they will be learning from a person who is practicing before preaching.

Leena Gazmer,
Image Consultant,
Mumbai, India

Rachel Lewis,
Business Manager in Financial Service Industry,
Dubai, UAE
Samby Fready,
Academic Faculty,
Dubai, UAE
Monika Bhatt,
Muscat, Oman