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Do You Have These Bones For Success

The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine
-Jim Rohn

What are you going to do with the rest of your life?

I once heard this quote , “Opportunities don’t happen, You create them.”-Chris Grosser

Just as bones are our base and the foundation that make us solid and not wobbly. Without bones, we would just be a pile of flesh and skin, crawling on the floor, looking like slime.
So, just as we have bones as our foundation, there are 3 bones for success. They act as our base and strong foundation which we can go back to when needed.
I took this concept and idea comes from my mentor Terri Savelle Foy.

The first bone is the Bare Bone.
It is having the basics, the essentials, and the elements we need in our life. It is the little routines, the basic routines that we should have, if we want to change our lives.

About ten years ago, I didn’t have any goal or vision in my life, I didn’t take any effort to make a routine that could change my life. Yes, I did have a routine where I would wake up early to pray, but that was it, and there was too much clutter in my mindset which I had to change.

“The secret to your future is hidden in your daily routine.”-Jim Rohn
So, the first goal I had, was to change my inner self. I decided to have a personal growth plan. I started listening to motivational speakers like Les Brown, Tony Robbins, and Jim Rohn, and some other people who are my mentors. It was like a clog put into place. Like a machine, every part had to be put perfectly and with care, so that when it started to move, it would move smoothly and without fault.

Change and personal growth is like that, when each step is taken carefully, the clogs will move in place, and then once it starts moving, it can’t be stopped. You keep learning and expanding, it becomes a part of your life and routine, like a second nature.

Just like some people can’t go about their day without their morning coffee, your routines have to become a part of you
I can’t do anything without working on myself, without listening to something motivational. I can’t do anything without reading a motivational book. I can’t go about my day without exercising. Just as you can’t go about without a coffee, (or whatever it is), say that I can’t go around with out doing this morning routine that sets my day.

The second bone is the Wish Bone.
Have you ever had a wish list of what you wanted or wanted to do? A bucket list?
Take your wish list and write them down as goals.
Take pictures and paste or pin them on your vision board or book.
And then start to visualize.

Photo by DLKR Life from Pexels

The third bone is the Back Bone.
Ever heard people say, “Oh, that person didn’t have the back bone to do something brave in their lives”?

The Back Bone is having the audacity to go after your dreams.
Bare Bone-The simple routines that set our day, which is to be followed everyday.
Wish Bone-Goals and visions in our lives.
So you you have the Back Bone to go after your dreams?

When storms and challenges come, you should not quit when you have the Back Bone.
I remember 10 years back when I decided to change, I heard Jim Rohn say that, “Rich people have big libraries and poor people have big TV’s.”
So, I started to read books and began to build my library. I already had 400 spiritual books in my library, and I wanted to bring in motivational books to balance my life, and grow both my spiritual life and personal growth life together.

Then I started to work on myself to get fit. I wanted to get a better body, so I joined a gym. I had a personal trainer and on the first day, he made me do some warm ups, run on the treadmill, and once I was done with that, he called me and asked me to do a hundred squats. He asked me, who had not even done one squat, do one hundred squats. Imagine that!!

Photo by Karl Solano from Pexels

Yet, I obeyed him, and by the time I finished the one hundred, my back and thighs were on fire, and my knees creaked liked an old door.
Once I went back home, I did not return to the gym for two weeks. Quitting was the first thing on my agenda, because I was not ready to take the pain to make my body better.

You probably heard the saying, ‘No pain, no gain‘. Without the pain, I would not acquire a better body.
There were many challenges that came in my life, and I wanted to quit. But then I realized, I didn’t have a back bone, and if I didn’t have one, then how would I create my own destiny.

Keep to the simple routines that are your foundations, your Bare Bone.
Keep your visions and goals before you, your Wish Bone.
And keep on going, never quite, keep your Back Bone.

By Annie Abraham

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