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Are You Letting Your Mistakes Define You?

Your Past Mistakes Are Meant To Guide You,
Not Define You

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Have you ever looked back at the the compromises you shouldn’t have made and the trap of temptation you saw coming but didn’t avoid?

I think we can all say, that at some point in our lives, we let ourselves be defined by something bad that happened in the past.

It might be,

  • that business failure,
  • the financial failure,
  • that divorce,
  • maybe the way we raised our children.

Because we are looking back and focusing on past mistakes, we end up letting that one moment, mistake or, phase, define us.

But, just because you failed in the past, it doesn’t make you a failure.

The past mistake and failure doesn’t determined your future nor, does it determined who you are. The good thing about the past is that it stays in the past.

But sure, if you want, go ahead a label yourself as poor, addicted, broke, failure, divorced.
As for me those labels are coming off. If you want, feel free to follow me and get rid of those labels.

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There are some people who end up labeling you because of that past mistake, and they choose to stick that to you has stickily as they can. You have every right to remove that label, because if that mistake doesn’t affect you, then you shouldn’t let others use it to affect you.

You can’t change what is behind you but,
you can change what is ahead of you.

I was reading Zig Ziglar’s book ‘See You At The Top,’ and I came across a story of The Three Little Girls, where a father introduced his daughters to Zig Ziglar. Incredibly enough, this was how the father introduced them, “This one won’t eat, this one won’t mind her mother, and this one cries all the time.” Even though the father loved and played with them, he was unfortunately, giving them something to “live down to.” The way he saw them was the way he treated them. He was giving powerful and negative instructions to each one, “won’t eat, won’t mind her mother, and the one who cries a lot.”

You can’t stop people putting labels on you, but you can choose to take them right off. You are not defined by the words of people, you are not defined by your mistakes.

You are defined by what God tells you, you are defined by what you choose to tell yourself.

Say this everyday, “My past is behind me, my mistakes are over and have no hold over me. I am moving forward grabbing ahold of my destiny. I am the one who is in charge of my own life, and I am taking full responsibility over it. I am living my life to the fullest, I choose to define myself. I am free and restored from addiction. I am delivered from abuse. My time has came, I am my grabbing ahold of my victories, I am choosing to celebrate these victories everyday, and I am choosing to be grateful for the lessons that I have learnt from both my mistakes and victories.

Life is to short to spend it brooding over past mistakes, to carry the heavy load of other people’s labels on you. How long will you carry your past with you? Instead, use them as motivation, let them propel you forward.
During these moments of change, be patient, and trust God to move you from failures to victories. The choice is yours. No one has the ability to choose for you, you are the one who has full control over your life.

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The change isn’t the end of your story, it is the beginning of a new chapter, a chapter where you can start creating your won destiny. You are now on the verge of bursting into you breakthrough, your mistakes does not change your destiny, neither does it define it.

Start putting on new labels of positivity on yourself. You are destined for greatness and your past mistakes doesn’t change that. Fulfill the destiny that is coming your way.

-Annie Abraham

By Annie Abraham

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