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Consequences Of Half Done Work

Clutter is the physical manifestation of unmade decisions fueled by procrastination.
-Christina Scalise

Have you noticed that your messy environment can bring stress into your life? Did you know that your mood can be affected by your surroundings?
If your house is in a mess then your life will probably be a mess too.

If you can’t do the laundry, those dishes, get your wardrobe or bathroom in order, how can you expect to finish that project or keep your business on order.

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There have been times when I would start an art project- only to remember the dishes and laundry that has piled- and then leave my project lying in a corner long forgotten.

Your outer world is reflected by your inner world.

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I am a mom just like you. I have the same 24 hours that you have. And yes, it is a limited time which we spend running around trying to finish tasks, and which, sometimes, have to be carried over for tomorrow.
It feels like we are not making any progress, stuck in that loop of twenty-four hours which seems to get shorter and shorter.

“I don’t want to keep being that woman who has half done work, and can’t seem to choose where to start and how to finish.”
I know that feeling.
Because of unfinished work, we end up missing our chance to have dreams and goals.
So, how we finish what we started?

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There is a parable in the Bible about the lost sheep. There was a shepherd with a hundred sheep. When one went missing, he could have easily said, “It’s fine, I don’t need to go after that sheep, I still have ninety-nine sheep left.” But he didn’t, he went after the lost sheep, and brought it back to complete the flock.
There are many lessons that can be learnt from this parable, but this is what I learnt: Go after the half done work and stay on it until you are hundred percent done.

Plan out your day and schedule your time to finish each task, the first thing should be your top priority. Once you have that done, attack relentlessly and finish each task on your list. Done with the dishes and laundry? Finished clearing out the clutter? The bills and important documents flied in the right place? Now what’s left?
Now there is time for you to finish that incomplete art project, time to finish that writing that book.

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The biggest mistake that many women make, especially moms, and myself included, is that we don’t have our priorities set. We walk around with brain fog- where everyone else’s problems fog your brain expect for your own.
So, the first thing I want you to do is to ask yourself, how are you managing your time?
Cut off the things that are sucking time from under you, things like YouTube and other social media. Don’t worry, Netflix is not going to grow legs and run away, it will still be there to welcome you after a days work.

So here are the tips that will help you use your time better.

  • 1. Make full use of the time you have.
  • 2. Evaluate yourself and judge your own potential, start striving to complete your work.
  • 3. If you want it bad enough, then shouldn’t you finish it?

Here are 5 benefits you get when you focus on and finish your priorities.
1. It saves you time.
2. You will have less stress as your day is planned out,
3. It raises your confidence. You feel, walk, and talk better knowing that there isn’t work waiting for you. Unfinished work tends to put weight on your shoulders.
4. You will have more time and energy to focus on your dreams and goals.
5. You will sleep better. Who doesn’t love sleep? The feeling to just flop into bed and cuddle under the covers after a long days work. You will sleep better knowing that clean dishes, and folded clothes are all in place.

Whatever you do, do it with the spirit of excellence. Finishing off your work and projects will bring you not only good sleep, but will also bring you peace and joy. So, go out and finish the half-done work.

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By Annie Abraham

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