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Mind Blowing Ways To Imagine Big

Start Envisioning Your Future

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There was a time in my life when I didn’t give any thought to having dreams, goals, and imagining big for my future. I just went with the flow of the day, rather than taking control.

When someone asked me ‘what is your goal and dream,’ I realized that, as I was trying to keep up in the race of life, I forgot to dream. I never took the time and never cared about how I wanted my future to turn out.

What would be your answer if I asked you, “What are your dreams and goals in life?” “Do you have a vision?” “Have you given any thought and time about your dreams and goals?” “What about your future?”

No one wakes up one day and says, “Wow! How did I get here? I am so successful now.”
Success doesn’t just drop out of the sky and fall into your lap. (Although we all wish it did). It starts with vision, with a written down goal. It starts with a plan to go further.

What you see on the inside is vision. And once vision is there, the imagination starts to flow. If there is a block in the river, the water won’t move as smoothly. Once you get rid of the block, the water will flow. You need a vision in life so that your imagination can flow like water.

So, start envisioning your future.

Your mind has the ability to see things the way they could be, not just the way they are. If I told you that you are on your dream vacation, aren’t you already thinking about that? You are already thinking about- let’s say- Paris, and standing in front of you in the dusky golden sunset is the Eifel Tower. Can you see it? That is your imagination at work. 

Have you taken the time to sit in one place, and just imagined about what your future could look like? 

Getting started is easier than you think

This is what I want you to do today. Schedule your time to sit down and imagine and dream of 15 minutes. Take an appointment with yourself, and give yourself permission to dream. Dream what you think is impossible, and create a bucket list. Write your vision down, make it plain, simple and easy to understand.

  • It could be planning a cruise and going with your family, friends, or maybe just by yourself to relax.
  • It could be travelling around the world. 
  • Building your dream home. 
  • Buying your dream car. 
  • Or it could even be starting your own business.

Whatever it is. Put it on your vision board where you can see it every day, and imagine that it is happening.
You will eventually start to see the pieces fall into place, and as each piece is filled, you will be able to start dreaming bigger and bigger. Your dreams may be impossible to others, but not to you.
Don’t worry on the how, all you have to do is believe and work little by little towards it.

Protect Your Dream

Remember, don’t let anyone talk you out of your dreams. People have a tendency to say ‘you are not good enough, you’re not rich,’ on and on.
Ignore them, people like them will grab people down so as to not get left behind. Don’t share your dream with small minded people.

A Dream written down with a date becomes a Goal, a Goal broken down into steps becomes a Plan, and a Plan backed up by Action becomes your Reality.

So, what am I trying to say?
Take action. 
Yes, sit and dream, don’t just look at your vision board, but also take action.
I want you to start creating your destiny. Start dreaming big, write down your goals and make a vision board. Watch your dreams come true by taking action.
That is the key, taking action.

-Annie Abraham

By Annie Abraham

If you are like many people, who stopped at my website, you know there is more to life. More to your purpose, more to your identity, more to your destiny. I'm a Life Coach and Motivational speaker, helping women Build A Legacy and changing lives. I am a living proof that if you can dream it, God will do it. We at Annie Abraham, help Mothers to find their mission and purpose in life. We give you the tools you need to dream big, become a high impact achiever, and live a life of fulfillment. You don't have to live an average life year after year. Change starts today. This can be your beginning . Lets gets on this journey together to make you the better version of yourself. I will help you find your purpose, identity, goals, dreams and create your destiny with Confidence. Lets Begin today. Lets get started.

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