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What Everybody Ought To Know About Being Determined To Win

“If we attack our problems with determination, we shall succeed” -Franklin D. Roosevelt

What does determination mean to you? 

In my eyes, determination means not quitting, never giving up, standing my ground, defying all odds, while saying that I am an overcomer and everything is possible. It all starts with determination. Determination leads to diligence and perseverance. And with perseverance, you can get victory.

“Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.”
-Napoleon Hill

So, what stage of your life are you in right now? Where do you think you stand? How is your attitude when you wake up in the morning? Do you wake up feeling depressed, lazy? Do you feel like staying in bed a few more hours because you don’t want to face the day?  
Maybe, you are married and have children.
Maybe, there is debt piling up, staring at you in the eyes, taunting you and reminding you of the load that you have on your back.
Maybe joblessness is grabbing you by the throat, forcing you to look at the empty table and fridge.
It feels like today will be worse than the previous day. Yes, might as well stay in bed a little a longer, and avoid the mess today.
But deep down, you know that you have to deal with all your problems one day or the other. But you don’t want to. There is fear and resistance forcing you to stay back.

Whether you can’t or won’t, either way, these are excuses stopping you from getting up and taking on the day. And the more you procrastinate, the more the debt will pile up, the more troubles will follow you. I want you to change your mind set from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. From ‘Impossible’ to ‘Possible’, from ‘Depressed mornings’ to ‘Happy mornings’.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

This mind set will give you DETERMINATION. Is your blood pumping, making you want to get up and get back on track with your life? Only determination will let you taste victory, only with determination, can you do anything. YOU are the one who has to create your own story. It’s in your hands right now.

In fiction books, there is one thing that all protagonists have.  DETERMINATION. The determination to win, to see their own life through, and grab fate with their hands and make it their own.

Aren’t you the protagonist in your own life?

Be super determined. Be mega determined. Yes, mega determined to do what you have never put determination into. Don’t quit and allow your situation to take control of you and your life. You should keep on going and keep on believing in yourself to bring victory.

Bulldog Determination

What I also like to say is, have a BULLDOG determination. What is that you might ask? Well, if you have noticed, a bulldog’s jaw is extended, so that when they bite on something, they can keep breathing without any trouble, which allows them to keep on holding until it belongs to them. You have to have that kind of determination so that you can bite down on your dreams and not let go until you have victory.


  • Be determined.
  • Be determined to wake up 20 minutes earlier to read a book, pray, have quiet time, or to workout.
  • Be determined to learn something new from successful women and men.
  • Be determined to be a torchbearer of the family.
  • Be determined to learn a new skill.
  • Be determined to pay of your debt.
  • Be determined to start the business idea you have.
  • Be determined to do something to help your family.
  • Be determined to take action.

What you do in private is the staircase to your dreams.

So, call yourself, “The Woman of Determination.” Call yourself a “Determined Woman.”

Photo by from Pexels

Here’s what I want you to do, write down ‘determination’ on a post-it- note, and stick it where you can see it regularly, so that every time you see it, it will be engraved and imprinted in your heart and mind. So that when you wake up, you will be ‘MEGA DETERMINED’ every morning.   

-Annie Abraham

By Annie Abraham

If you are like many people, who stopped at my website, you know there is more to life. More to your purpose, more to your identity, more to your destiny. I'm a Life Coach and Motivational speaker, helping women Build A Legacy and changing lives. I am a living proof that if you can dream it, God will do it. We at Annie Abraham, help Mothers to find their mission and purpose in life. We give you the tools you need to dream big, become a high impact achiever, and live a life of fulfillment. You don't have to live an average life year after year. Change starts today. This can be your beginning . Lets gets on this journey together to make you the better version of yourself. I will help you find your purpose, identity, goals, dreams and create your destiny with Confidence. Lets Begin today. Lets get started.

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