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How These Five Words Can Completely Change Your Life

‘Why should you continue going after your dreams? Because seeing the looks on the faces of people who said you couldn’t will be priceless.”
-Kevin Ngo

I’m not here to give the usual 5 tips, secrets, nor steps. 

I am here to tell you five words.


To me personally, there are 4 ‘Stages’ in pregnancy. It’s the same with your dreams. There are 4 “Dimensions’ .


The First Dimension- 

The first stage of pregnancy is your baby, or your DREAM, taking seed within you. It is an exciting stage and it is also the stage to be careful. When I had my first child, the doctor told me that there was no sac to hold the baby. The thought of losing my baby was frightening. 

There may be voices around you telling you to abandon your dream before it even takes form. Even before you can see the dream, there will be people trying to pluck that dream out from you. 

The Second Dimension –

After you cross the first stage, you are in the third month. It was about that time the sac had formed for my baby. But another problem struck. The doctor said that my child was not growing. 

  • This might be the time you might feel stagnant, and stuck.
    • Your situation is not moving. Your dream stops growing.
    • There is no money, and you have been rejected by investors.
    • No one believes in your dream. Family members, and friends will tell you to give up on your dream, saying that this is as far you will go. 

The Third Dimension-

The third stage of pregnancy is where you have ignored the voices of people trying to make you abort your dream. You stopped listening to them because the child is now perfect and whole. You are eating healthy, you are exercising, you are taking care of your body so well, that you and your baby are healthy.

But the doctor is still doubtful, like in my case, the doctor said that, maybe, it would be best to take the easy way and abort the baby. 

In the third stage of your dream you have found mentors, people like you. You also start to invest in your dream, you are now growing endlessly. 

But even when you are growing, there’s still those who follow you around just to put you down, telling you it’s too risky, that you might not make it.

The Fourth Dimension

You are in your fourth stage, ready and full term. Your dream is alive and ready to be launched out into the world. But just as it’s ready, people will start talking, saying, even if it’s ready, it might not work out. It’s just best to abort it before it’s too late. 
You start to feel that you are walking on a tightrope, that you will fall at any second. Don’t look down, keep your eyes on the finish line, because it is time to bring your dream to fruition into the world. 
Just as it was time for me to give birth, I was hit with facial paralysis. And my baby’s heart stopped beating, leading to more compilations. This became a life and death situation for the both of us. 
I didn’t give up my baby who is well and alive for 20 years and I never gave up my dreams. 

It’s time to nurture you dream

So you should do the same. It is time for you to bring it out and live proudly. No matter what comes your way, no matter what other people say to make you abort your dream, ignore them because the end result will be worth it. 

During these 4 Dimensions, be patient. 

You have to continue to stretch and grow, and you have to believe that all things are possible. It takes time. It could be 9 months, 2 years or 12 years. Do not let time be your enemy.

DO NOT ABORT YOUR DREAMBecause it’s time you nurture your dream and let it burst forth into reality. 

Let me tell you once again, if you are pregnant with your dream, Do Not Abort Your Dream. And do not let anyone abort your dream. It’s yours, and it’s yours to protect.

Maybe you are in your first or second dimension and want to quit. I want you to push forth and move into your fourth dimension. Because it’s in this dimension that great things happen. Are you ready to take your dream- your baby- all the way to the fourth stage and wait for the right time to burst forth?

-Annie Abraham

By Annie Abraham

If you are like many people, who stopped at my website, you know there is more to life. More to your purpose, more to your identity, more to your destiny. I'm a Life Coach and Motivational speaker, helping women Build A Legacy and changing lives. I am a living proof that if you can dream it, God will do it. We at Annie Abraham, help Mothers to find their mission and purpose in life. We give you the tools you need to dream big, become a high impact achiever, and live a life of fulfillment. You don't have to live an average life year after year. Change starts today. This can be your beginning . Lets gets on this journey together to make you the better version of yourself. I will help you find your purpose, identity, goals, dreams and create your destiny with Confidence. Lets Begin today. Lets get started.

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