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What Do You Do When You Hear The Word ‘No’?

Trust that when there’s a No, there’s a better Yes down the road

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Whenever I heard the word “NO”, whenever people said they wouldn’t help me, the NO’s felt like stabs. Leaving me feeling miserable because of the rejection, anger and bitterness boiling deep within me.
I am sure you have felt the same, the misery, the anger, and bitterness you feel when you get rejected.
When you heard the “NO”, did you ever feel that this is the end? And did you feel like you have nowhere to turn and go because of that “NO”?

Are you ready to reject rejection?

Jack Canfield says, “In order to be successful, you have to reject rejection.” Rejection doesn’t mean NO; it just means NOT YET.

So, next time you hear a “NO”, I want you to change it to “NEXT.
Yes, whenever you hear a “NO”, I want you to change it to “NEXT”.

  • If you don’t get that job, “NEXT”.
  • You didn’t get that promotion? “NEXT”.
  • The publishers reject you, “NEXT”.
  • If someone decides not to join the course or coaching. Well then. “NEXT”.
  • If you client decides to opt for another provider or distributer. “NEXT”.

If you stop, your road for the future will stop, and if you quit, your life will be like the living dead.
I am warning you, if you do that, you will miss your miracle.
You will miss your breakthrough.
You will miss your chance to have your name to be in the international best seller of the year.
When you stop, you will miss what the future has in store for you.

Photo by Thom Gonzalez from Pexels

Don’t be like the man who was digging for gold and gave up when the gold was just three feet ahead of him.

If you are reading this today, then this is for you. So, the next time you hear a “NO”, I want you shout to out in your heart, “NEXT”.
“I am going to get through this year; through this famine, through this COVID-19, through this lack, through the fire, through this hurt. I am going to get through this, and I will get my breakthrough. I am going to get my NEXT and break through my situation.”

Another tip I would like share is, ask even if you get a NO. Just keep on asking, because you will eventually get your NEXT and your YES.

Your “Next” is coming. Change your definition of “No” from this moment. Someone’s “NO” should be your “NEXT”.

SO, when you hear a “NO”, what is your reaction?

That’s right my lovely readers, “NEXT”.

-Annie Abraham

By Annie Abraham

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